Timothy Chalamet shared a bloody trailer for his romantic cannibal movie “Bones and all that”


He breaks hearts and also potentially eats them.

Timothy Chalamet’s performance world is going to be just wild to follow for the next few years. Upcoming films like “Dune: Part Two” and “Wonka” have already made things interesting enough, but this November a rather confusing place appeared in the resume of the young talent. We hope you’re craving something darker, as Chalamet has unveiled the trailer for his romantic cannibal film, Bones and All.

The actor’s social media platforms, including Instagram, were marked by this look at Timothy Chalamet’s reunion with his “Call Me by Your Name” director Luca Guadagnino. Although the title of this film is reminiscent of a tender, bittersweet romance, this is only half the game of “Dice and all that.”

We do see Chalamet playing very nicely with his film partner Taylor Russell, but, as the title promised, there are several bloody deals that are reflected in the mix. Shirtless, bloody deals. This movie will break all Timothy Chalamet’s ratings on the Internet, won’t it?

“Bones and All” want to arrange a delicious evening date and will start doing it on November 18 in some cinemas. Aptly enough, the wide release is listed as occurring during the Thanksgiving holiday. So, you have been warned if you are one of those who likes to combine dinner plans with an evening at the cinema.

That’s not all…


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