Timesplliters 2 had a playable 4K version hidden in Homefront


Timesplliters 2: As a celebration of Easter, some developers were invited to share the biggest Easter Eggs they had ever put in a game. In addition to one referring to Uncharted 4 (which you can check out here), we also had access to another very curious one involving Timesplitters 2 and Homefront: The Revolution.

In a message posted on Twitter, Matt Philips, who worked on the Homefront series game, commented that he had added a playable version of Timesplitters 2 in 4K inside an arcade that was in a penitentiary called The Bourse, in the Philadelphia area within the game.

There are reports that this arcade allowed to play the phases of Siberia and Chicago. Some players even found the codes for other phases in the files of The Revolution, but were never able to get it to work properly. The worst: the original code that activated this game was inside the Philips notebook (which he no longer has access to), and a friend who was supposed to publish it on Discord ended up having his account banned from the network.

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