TimeSplitters: New Game in The Series is in Development


TimeSplitters: Surprisingly enough, Deep Silver announced that a new game from the TimeSplitter franchise is officially under development. The responsible studio is nothing less than a new formation of Free Radical Design, which is exactly who worked on both titles of the series in the early 2000s.

The most interesting thing is that this new phase of Free Radical Design has its two co-founders, Steve Ellis and David Doak, who also actively worked on the first TimeSplitters and the sequel TimeSplitters: Future Perfect. Ellis himself commented that they already have incredible ideas for the new title, although they cannot reveal anything at the moment.

Deep Silver has already said that it will share more news and details about the new game in the coming months. It is clear that there is still no news about a forecast of the launch date and, considering that the development must have started recently, it is understandable that it still takes some years for it to reach the stores.

For those who do not remember very well or did not play any of the titles in the franchise, TimeSplitters consisted of shooting games with some time travel mechanics. The original was exclusive to PlayStation 2 in 2000, while TimeSplitter: Future Perfect arrived on PS2, GameCube and Xbox in 2005.

Who knows the arrival of a new game also does not encourage the release of a remastered version of the old ones on current platforms, does it ?! It would be a good opportunity for new generations to learn more about the series.

And you, have you heard about TimeSplitters or were curious to try the franchise after this news?


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