Timeline of the relationship between Ryan Seacrest and model Aubrey Page Petkoski


Ryan Seacrest may be notoriously secretive about his relationship, but he (and his co-host Kelly Ripa) can’t help but admire his current love, Aubrey Page.

“[They’re] very happy together and they’re doing great,” an insider told us at the time, adding that the couple “kept their relationship a secret.”

While Seacrest and Paige have an age difference of 23 years, the Live With Kelly and Ryan co-host is no stranger to dating someone younger than him. Seacrest and ex Julianne Hough, who dated from 2010 to 2013, have a 13-year age difference. Before his relationship with Paige, he dated chef Shayna Taylor, who is 17 years younger than him, for eight years.

“Ryan and Shaina decided some time ago to end their romantic relationship amicably,” his representative told us in June 2020. “They remain good friends, the biggest supporters of each other and will always cherish the time spent together as a couple.”

Although Seacrest subsequently left with Paige, it took her months to meet Ripa. During the release of her talk show in April 2022, the All My Children graduate called her friend’s girlfriend “the most interesting guest who came” to her husband Mark Consuelos’ birthday party.

“Kelly said, ‘We’re all happy that you’re here and that you exist, because we weren’t sure if anyone was there,'” Seacrest recalled, to which Ripa added, “We started thinking, ‘Maybe he’s not I don’t have a special person, and maybe maybe we should check on him more often?”

The actress is clearly a fan of Paige, telling her co-host that she will “go into seclusion” if Seacrest breaks up with his soulmate.

“That’s exactly what she told her,” Seacrest replied. “I said:”It’s a compliment.””

As for Consuelos, the radio host said that the Riverdale graduate had questions about the height difference between the couple.

“Mark took me aside at the beginning of the night. He said: “Can I ask you a question? …She is very tall. She’s taller than you and much taller in heels. How does it work?” I’m like, “What are you asking me?” he said. “He looked so deadly serious. He’s like, “Because Kelly and I talk about it all the time. Height”… He was so confused. He’s like, “When you walk together, whose hand goes where?”

Scroll through the timeline of Seacrest and Paige:

May 2021

The couple were first seen together in public in Austin, Texas, over Memorial Day weekend.

June 2021

A source told us in June 2021 that the host “met Aubrey’s family” and “they think he’s a great guy.”

November 2021

According to photos obtained by the Daily Mail, the couple escaped to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in early November.

December 2021

“It’s safe to say that the best part of 2021 was meeting the most incredible man,” she wrote on Instagram on New Year’s Eve. “I wish you all love, happiness, safety and health in 2022.”

February 2022

The couple was spotted on a dog walk in New York on February 21.

April 2022

“I love her so much,” Ripa said of Paige on live TV.