Timeline of the relationship between Kenan Thompson and Christina Evangeline from Saturday Night Live


Still a family. Kenan Thompson and Christina Evangeline were together for more than a decade before they quietly broke up.

The comedian and model got married at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta in 2011. “[They are] very happy.
The couple welcomed daughter Georgia in 2014 and daughter Gianna in 2018.

“Georgia is obsessed with her. She always calls her “my baby,” Thompson told us in 2018 after the birth of his youngest daughter. “She’s like, ‘My baby. Good morning, my baby.” She always wants to hug her.”

The star of the show “Saturday Night Live” spoke about his “big happy family” with Evangeline.

“Georgia is busy now. She has a school. So we miss her during the day, but when she gets home, we go out to dinner or something,” he joked to Us about their family dynamic at the time. “It’s always nice.”

Three years later, actor Kenan said being a father was “everything” to him.

“I stopped my bachelor life and just spent a lot of time alone, because, as they say, when you stop looking, you’ll find it,” he recalled to his Father in 2021. — And then I met my wife, and we had the same thing. ideology. We wanted to get married, and we wanted to start a family and keep the family together. This is my daily concern — is everyone being taken care of? And then my other focus is how I take care of everyone. That’s probably what makes me work like such a maniac. I want to personally satisfy the need for such provision.”

A year later, Us confirmed that Thompson and Evangeline had broken up.

“Kenan and Kristina are completely friendly,” an insider told us in April 2022. “They remain close parents and remain very close throughout the separation.”