Timeline of Justin Thomas and Gillian Wisniewski’s relationship


On his side! Justin Thomas‘ fiancee Gillian Wisniewski was rooting for him at the 2022 PGA Championship, but it wasn’t the first time she was in the crowd.

Golf viewers took notice of Thomas’ relationship status when he won the tournament in 2017. Although Wisniewski was spotted celebrating her first major victory (at the age of 24), she almost missed it.

“I just had the most comforting, calm — I really felt that I was going to win. I remember my girlfriend was supposed to take off around 7:00, and I said, “You need to change your flight to a later one, because I don’t know, I just feel like I don’t want you to miss it.” I feel like I’m going to make it,” Thomas said in an interview with Golf Digest in August 2017. “She’s the first one to tell you that I don’t want to talk about golf when I get into this situation. So I don’t know, I was just very confident.”

Over the years, Thomas and Wisniewski continued to hide their relationship. He subtly announced their engagement in November 2021.

“We have a place in Nashville where we’re going to go for Thanksgiving. Me and my new fiancee Jill, her family is leaving,” the athlete said on the “No Laying Up” podcast in November 2021, telling the hosts that the proposal was made “a couple of weeks ago.”

A few months later, Thomas announced that the couple has one rule for the upcoming wedding — no phones.

“I have very few things that we ‘should’ have, but my number 1 was definitely phones,” he said on the “Be Right” podcast in April 2022. — I don’t need phones, I want people to just live the moment and enjoy the night, enjoy the weekend. If it’s another golfer, or me, or someone else, someone who could potentially be videotaped, or whatever, I don’t want anyone to feel like they can’t have fun and have fun because someone is filming their every move”.

A month before, the golfer told People that he was looking forward to making everything “official” with his love.

“We feel like we’re already [married] because of how long we’ve been together and she has such a big influence on me,” he said in March 2022. “I mean, she really makes me a better person and every time she’s around her, I reveal my best side.”

Scroll through the timeline of Thomas and Wisniewski:


The duo have been together since at least 2016.

“I hope everyone had a great weekend and Valentine’s Day!” he wrote in February 2016 on Instagram. “But especially happy birthday and V-Day to this @jilliangrace3.”


“Holidays are better with such hand candy,” he wrote along with a picture from July 4.


The business manager celebrated Thomas’ victory in his first major tournament.


The duo seem to live in Illinois, but Thomas often shares photos from their couple’s travels.


“I’m so lucky that she’s so patient and kind of stops her life because of the lifestyle that I live,” Thomas told People about his longtime love. “We have a lot of great warm memories that we look forward to in the future.”


He asked this question in the fall.


Wisniewski helped Thomas celebrate his second PGA Championship win.