Timeline of Ashley Hebert and Yanni Georgoulakis’ relationship


Love after the final rose. Ashley Hebert started dating Yanni Georgoulakis after her divorce from J. P. Rosenbaum.

The Season 7 bachelorette couple, who got married in December 2012, share a son, Fordham, and a daughter, Essex.

“It’s been going on longer than obviously people knew,” Rosenbaum said on the Us podcast “Here for the Right Reasons” in April 2022, announcing their breakup. “The post, the notification for the rest of the world — for us it was just a formality.”

In their respective statements at the time, he wrote that he felt “a level of distrust and extreme sadness,” but made it clear that “there is no one to blame” and “there is no event that caused this decision.”

“We did absolutely everything we could to try to save this marriage,” he wrote on Instagram. “I think we both came to the realization that we are just two very different people, with very different personalities and views that just don’t agree on many [] life fundamentals, those that are the building blocks. for a happy and healthy marriage.”

Ebert, for her part, wrote: “We created the most beautiful children and shared memories that will never be forgotten. Our differences affected our relationship, and after many years of trying to repair the damage, we decided that it was in the best interests of our family to create a new and separate life for our children.”

The couple, who live in Miami, finalized their divorce in October 2021. In the same month, Hebert reported that she was dating someone. However, the former ABC star noted that she has no interest in walking down the aisle again.

“Marriage makes everything more complicated,” she wrote on Instagram at the time. “I’d rather just love someone and choose to be with them.”

A few months later, Us announced that her beau is the founder of Foody Fetish Georgoulakis. Rosenbaum told us that he had not met his ex’s boyfriend.

“I haven’t met him, but I know about him and about him from her. She lives her life, and if she is happy, that’s the main thing,” he said, noting that he is not married. “Dating when I’m over forty, as a divorced father of two, is quite different than dating, you know, a bachelor in his early thirties. …I know the connection I’m looking for because I had it. I know how it feels. And I want to feel it again. There is a problem: “Does she have children? She doesn’t have any children? Does she want children? Do I want more children?” There is a dynamic that needs to be worked through, but I know the connection I’m looking for. I know what kind of communication I need.”

Scroll through the chronology of the novel by Hebert and Georgoulakis:

Spring 2021

We were confirmed that the couple met through friends.

Summer 2021

In April 2022, Hebert reported that the duo had been together for almost a year, which seemed “crazy” to her. “For the first four or five months, I denied the relationship,” she wrote about the first days of their romance. “Maybe that’s why it went so fast. Funny.”

October 2021

Hebert confirmed that she is not on the market via social media.

Beginning of 2022

The former bachelor said she introduced her two children to Georgoulakis “for about nine months” in their relationship.

“As one of my friends,” she explained via Instagram. “I don’t know how it happened, but they thought he was their babysitter. They said he was the best babysitter in the world. Funny.”

March 2022

The couple was vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.