Time travel is possible, say theorists


Temporal paradoxes fill science fiction books with stories of people going back to the past to change the future (almost always, with disastrous consequences). Germain Tobar, a fourth-year student in the Bachelor of Advanced Science at the University of Queensland, has the solution to end this problem: travel through time on foot.

The answer is purely mathematical and considers the problem of moving in the past, which basically motivated the traveler to go back in time.

If you’re finding this a bit complicated, let’s start from the beginning.

Physics that don’t peck

“Classic dynamics says that if you know the state of a system at any given time, you know its entire history. If I know the position and speed of an object that falls under the force of gravity, I can calculate where it will be at any moment, ”says Tobar, explaining the easy part of his job.

But if Einstein’s theory of general relativity predicts the existence of loops in space-time (wormholes), “a region of space where an event can be both in the past and in the future, we theoretically turn the study of head dynamics down”.

The loop that Tobar focused on is called the closed timelike curve, or a closed curve of the time type – a curvature of space-time that would allow you to travel into the future and return to where you left off.


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