The Time That May Cause a Change in Bitcoin Price Expires Today

In Bitcoin, the date of the expiration of the option transactions that previously caused the price to change drastically came again. Previously, on March 27, $ 328 million worth of Bitcoin options had expired and the price had experienced an unexpected sharp drop at that time.

The New Decline For Bitcoin May Be At The Door Today
Now, on March 3, 2020, 11,500 Bitcoin options contracts, worth approximately $ 8 million, will expire, which can seriously affect the BTC price in the spot market. Bitcoin options and futures contracts are commonly known as institutional investors’ investment tools. This means that with the expiration of a large amount of options contracts, institutional investors can purchase new option contracts with either a bullish or bearish focus.

If large amounts of downward-oriented options contracts are purchased, the BTC price may experience a sharp decline, just like March 27. In addition, it is estimated that the price may decrease due to loss of interest even if new option contracts are processed much lower than the value of expired contracts.

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