TIME Magazine Announces 100 Most Influential People


The 100 most influential people list announced by TIME every year has been announced for 2020. The list, which unites many names such as artists, doctors or leaders, also included important names from the technology field.

The 100 Most Influential People published every year by TIME, one of the world’s most famous magazines, was also published for 2020. The 100 most influential people of 2020, consisting of artists, pioneers and leaders, highlight important names at many different points. Eight different covers of the magazine for 100 people published by TIME have been published on a global scale.

These covers featured many names from Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai to Anthony Fauci, one of the most trusted names in the US against the coronavirus epidemic. Also, artists like The Weeknd are on this 100-person list. Today we will share with you some of the important names that have made their way into this huge list. We can say that every name is extremely important, you can access the whole list from TIME’s page by clicking here. On the other hand, we will focus more on the names that have succeeded in leaving their mark on 2020 in areas such as technology, space and pandemics.

Names that left their mark in 2020 according to TIME magazine

Astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir

These two names proved that space is not an exclusively male space. Koch and Meir, the first women to spacewalk for a repair of the International Space Station’s solar-storage batteries, also gave confidence to travel to the Moon.

Sundar Pichai

It is not an easy task for an Indian to take over Google, one of the most powerful companies in the US and the world, and turn it into a much bigger company. Pichai, who leads many of Google’s popular projects such as Drive, Gmail and Maps, seems to be at the head of this company for many years to come.

Lewis hamilton

We are seeing the most exciting Formula 1 races in recent years. At this point, Mercedes F1 driver Hamilton, one of the most successful names, aims to win the seventh F1 championship this season by breaking Michael Schumacher’s record.

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Dr. Zhang yongzhen

Yongzken was the person who led the team that published the SARS-CoV 2 genome just weeks after the first case. He said that if the virus is detected earlier, there will be much less fatal cases.

Eric Yuan

The coronavirus pandemic has caused incredible damage to many companies, but some companies have benefited from the process very well. Chief among them is Zoom, whose CEO is Eric Yuan. During the pandemic, Zoom has managed to make very serious gains for reasons such as distance education and communication.

Daniel zhang

Zhang, who is the CEO of China’s famous online shopping site Alibaba, has earned a lot of money both for himself and his company, especially with his policy that turns specific days into a shopping spree. The CEO, who broke a gross volume record of $ 38.4 billion in 2019, is always appreciated, especially with his work.

Tunji Funsho

Funsho, one of the pioneers in the complete eradication of the polio, which Africa has been struggling with for a long time and causing huge losses, is among the names that deserve to be on this list.

Gwynne Shotwell

Shotwell, president and chief operating officer of SpaceX, was one of the company’s pioneers and played an active role in rebounding interest in space with his help with the Falcon project.

Dr. Camilla Rothe

Infectious diseases specialist, who said that although the majority of people caught with Covid-19 do not show symptoms, there is a possibility of spreading the disease. Camilla Rothe revealed that asymptomatic cases spread the disease and ensured that precautions were taken in this way.

Dr. Shi Zhengli

Dr. Zhengli led the first team of scientists to isolate the SARS-CoV-2 virus that turned 2020 into a nightmare.

Dr. Anthony Fauci

Fauci, accepted as the most trusted name in the USA, the country where the coronavirus epidemic has been the most injured, is at the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Despite names like Fauci and Trump, he gained respect for his truthful speech in the Covid-19 outbreak.


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