Time is approaching for the Harmony OS operating system!


The tension between China and the US that emerged last year has led to some disputes between Google and Huawei. Google, banning its own services for Huawei phones, pushed Huawei to create its own operating system. The Harmony OS operating system announced by Huawei can be seen this year.

Before Harmony OS, Huawei offered HMS service to its users instead of GMS.

Harmony OS operating system can be seen throughout the year
Unable to use Google services after disagreements with Google, Huawei developed its own service. Along with the service called HMS, many applications that users most need were also available. However, many consumers, especially in the European and American market, did not choose Huawei because it did not have GMS, and this was reflected in the sales figures.

However, Huawei continues to improve the Harmony OS operating system in the background. Although not many applications have been developed for Harmony OS for now, it is certain that this will increase in the future. However, users will not want to pay for a missing operating system. Although smartphones that come with Windows Phone offer a more stable and faster experience compared to Android, many developers did not want to waste time on this operating system.

At the 2020 China Information Conference held on August 7, Yu Chengdong, Huawei’s consumer business CEO, announced that a smartwatch with the Harmony OS operating system will arrive this year. In addition, Chengdong stated that in the future, all Huawei products including computers, tablets and smartphones will be able to use Harmony OS. It was also stated that if Huawei makes a firm transition decision for Harmony OS, the whole process will be done in a few days.

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While the improvements for Harmony OS are mostly completed, one of the biggest drawbacks is the lack of implementation.


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