‘Time flexibility is a benefit’, Lyft Driver


With the discipline and principles that allowed him to be part of the military, Al Porch – a driver who now works with the Lyft platform – told La Opinion that he considers the flexibility with which he can provide his services in the San Diego area an advantage.

“Being an independent driver allows me to choose when, where and how to work,” said the driver in his early 40s.

“Like when I served the country in the military, now I choose to serve as an independent conductor to those who need it most. Although it is not the same form of service, it is the same principle of doing good, ”said the veteran.

He said that he generally tries to especially serve those who have to arrive on time for medical appointments and essential workers who attend their work in the midst of the pandemic.

“For me it is an honor to take them on time and safely,” he said proudly.

In the talk, he mentioned California Proposition 22, which will be voted on on the November 3 ballot.

He said that this bill has many advantages but “the main one is that it helps drivers to keep the flexibility of the schedule and the place where we want to work.”

“Without that proposition, we would have to work for companies, with eight-hour hours and hundreds of thousands of drivers would be left out, without work, especially minority drivers,” since most of the drivers are Latino and African-American, he said.

According to a study, about a million people in California are drivers of platforms, such as Uber, Lyft, Postmates, among others.

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Some do it daily, others sporadically; Some drive as it helps them to complete their income, while for others it is more their main source of income each month.

The analysis says that up to 900,000 drivers would have to quit that job as drivers if Proposition 22 doesn’t pass.

There are other advantages for which at least three out of four rig drivers (75%) support this proposition. Among other benefits, it offers that if a driver works an average of a minimum of 15 hours a week, they will have access to health services.

It also establishes insurance in the event of a work accident or disability.


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