Time change 2021 summer time: When is it


Last year at this time we said that “Today is 2 weeks after the entry into force of the State of Alarm. Today we are supposed to leave confinement and be able to return to the streets, to see the family, etc. But no, because this will take another 2 weeks. In total we will be confined to Spain for 1 month “

Third time change during the Pandemic

In the end there were more, and in fact a year later we continue almost the same, with the vaccines giving hope but also months ahead until this is fixed enough to send the masks, restrictions and all that for a walk.

But we are also in Spring, and as such we have to move the hands forward, and therefore sleep one hour less; in Autumn it’s time to delay it, and regain that hour of sleep that they took away months before. It is the so-called summer time or Light Saving Time, established by a European directive in order to make better use of the hours of sunlight, which results in a lower consumption of electricity. Being in spring, early morning from Saturday to Sunday will have to advance the time, and at 2 am it will be 3 am.

Time change 2021 daylight saving time

Therefore, this change is supposed to be beneficial, although it must be taken into account that schedule changes make it difficult to perceive time and can cause sleep problems for people, as well as disrupt meetings, trips, baggage check-in, maintenance of records, medical devices, etc.

It is something that will have to get used to, but what about all the electronic devices that we have at home? Some such as kitchen clocks, alarm clocks and wristwatches will have to be changed manually, but the following will not


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