Tim Schafer Wants To Celebrate Humanity and Empathy in Psychonauts 2


Tim Schafer: May is Mental Health Awareness Month in the United States, a topic more important than ever in these difficult times of social isolation. In Brazil, 75% of the players revealed to have played more video games during the pandemic, solid evidence of the importance of the media to bring us a little joy during this global crisis.

Micosoft has focused its attention on the topic and is more interested than ever in exploring the positive impact of video games on players’ mental well-being, using some of its main releases to discuss the topic, such as Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and Psychonauts 2.

At the invitation of the production company, we had the opportunity to speak directly with Tim Schafer, the founder of the Double Fine studio and one of the most celebrated designers in the industry, about his ambitions for Razputin Aquato’s next adventure, the themes of the game and his view on video games. Check out the best moments of our chat below!

To say that humanity faces one of its main challenges today would be an understatement. In particular, I am especially grateful to you and everyone who works to launch new games and entertain us in this very difficult period. How do you see the value of video games today?

Tim Schafer: “I am grateful to video games on both sides of this theme! As a developer, a lot of people are not lucky enough to be able to work, and and I love my job! And as a player, it’s like you said: games allow you to do things you can’t do in real life anymore, like going for walks and being around people. Besides, you can still talk online with your friends, even those you wouldn’t normally call, but then you see them online and who knows do you even play with them a little bit? So I think, in many ways, we are lucky to have video games today! ”

The first Psychonauts already did a very good job of exploring the insecurities and challenges of being a person. Can we expect an even deeper dive into the theme in the sequel?

“It certainly continues the themes of finding someone who is a very unusual character, who behaves unexpectedly, or perhaps even threatening, until you enter that person’s mind through astral projection. And then you see that she is also a human being and, like you, is dealing with various problems, so you can help them overcome this and face their inner demons.

In Psychonauts 1 we had a lot of old traumas to resolve, like the relationship with your father and things like that, but in 2 we go even deeper into the topic and deal with even more complex things like addictions and different types of anxiety and panic syndrome. We made them realistic, and you can help the characters try to solve that. “


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