TIM Pré Top lost unlimited access to Facebook, and Twitter


The TIM Pré Top plan went through changes this week and lost unlimited access to Twitter, Facebook and Messenger. TIM customers will have the benefit maintained until September 20. After this date, navigation on social networks will begin to be deducted from the internet franchise. The measure also affects users of older prepaid plans. The information was revealed by the specialized website Tecnoblog.

The carrier’s consumers had already lost the benefit of unlimited video and voice calls via WhatsApp and Messenger last month. At the time, the company had ensured that other Messenger features would not be affected, something that changed with the new regulation. WhatsApp remains discounted for calls only.

The new rules establish that users of the TIM Pré Top plan will start to use the social networks Twitter, Facebook and Messenger discounted from the contracted data package. Customers of older prepaid plans, such as TIM Pré Smart and Pré Turbo, will be affected only with the end of unlimited access to Facebook Messenger.

The changes are part of the remodeling that TIM has been doing in the prepaid plans. According to the company, the formulation of packages takes into account the use of application data and seeks to give users more autonomy to choose how they want to use the contracted franchise.

The remodeling also focuses on the launch of TIM + Vantagens, a plan that gives internet bonuses to TIM Pré Top customers who make monthly recharges of at least R $ 30, as well as an invitation to the popular TIM Beta plan after the fifth month followed by a recharge of credits.


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