Tim Draper’s praise for Bitcoin Cash turned out to be fake


The praise of Bitcoin Cash published on the personal account of Bitcoin investor billionaire Tim Draper has turned out to be fake.

A remarkable post about Bitcoin Cash was made recently on the personal Twitter account of Tim Draper, a billionaire known as the “Silicon Valley Legend” and known for making early investments in many well-known technology startups.

The expressions used in the post of Draper’s account, who has approximately 150 thousand followers on Twitter, were as follows:

“I recently bought some BCH. It’s very easy to get and use. Go to bitcoin.com. Thanks Roger Ver for this innovation. ”

The tweet in question was retweeted and liked by hundreds of people. It turned out that this tweet, which seems like a tribute by Draper himself, was not actually published by the billionaire investor. Joao Almeida, co-founder of Open Node, an initiative that Draper is the investor of and that aims to facilitate the use of Bitcoin in daily life, highlighted the incident today and reported that Draper’s account was seized and deleted the post as soon as he realized it.

Invested in Bitcoin at $ 6
Draper said in an interview years ago that when he invested in Bitcoin, the price was $ 6 and he bought $ 250,000 at that time. However, the famous investor is the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange, Mt. With Gox’s closure, he lost it all. After such a shocking incident, Draper, who did not stop investing in Bitcoin, bought 32,000 BTC from the US federal law enforcement agency Marshals Service the same year for less than $ 20 million. These BTCs were the Bitcoins seized in the operation against the online black market Silk Road.

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