Tim Draper: Coronavirus May Be an Opportunity for BTC


The global spread of the coronavirus played an important role in the economic crisis of 2020. A package of $ 7 trillion was created to save the world economy, and this figure is growing rapidly. Bitcoin investor Tim Draper believes that these factors may be the revolutionary point for innovations such as Bitcoin (BTC) and smart contracts.

Global venture capital investor Draper said in an interview on April 6 that the government was skeptical about the infinite money-printing plan, and it would take years for money to “penetrate” the global economy. Draper used the following statements:

“They will fill the economy with a lot of money and this will make the money less valuable.”

Draper believes that unlike fiat, which is printed by billions of central banks, people will start returning to Bitcoin because it has a fixed source. Draper used the following statements regarding this:

“This will be a really interesting time when people say,” Why don’t I just use Bitcoin? ” I know there are only 21 million of them, but there will be no concern that the state will print tons. We can use a transparent, open, global currency that we all agree. ”

Is it the End of Globalization?
Dracon believes that digital financial innovations such as Bitcoin, smart contracts and artificial intelligence will compel governments to compete “on a virtual level” to provide better services, although the coronavirus will end the trend towards globalization that has evolved over the past 25 years. This will enable people to move freely and live in a new “loving” and “more pleasant” global world. Draper says:

“The USA, China, Russia, or India, or Europe, or elsewhere, we are an open world, and geographic borders will become less and less meaningful.”


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