Tim Cook: We Will Announce Exciting New Products


Apple CEO Tim Cook made a statement about the company’s work in 2020. Stating that they will announce new products in the upcoming period, Cook underlined that these products are exciting. However, Cook did not mention what products they will be announcing in a short time.

Apple CEO Tim Cook made a statement that will excite consumers who follow Apple products closely. Cook announced that it will announce much more than Apple’s announced in 2020 in the coming period. Tim Cook’s statements are a clear indication that Apple is preparing to organize new events or events.

Cook did not say what products will be announced in his statements on the subject. However, it was noteworthy that the Apple CEO, who said that the announcements were exciting, did not make such a statement before. While Cook did not reveal what Apple will announce, some of the things the company is working on are already known.

What products could Apple announce for the rest of 2020?

Apple has been working on a new laptop for a while. This laptop is quite different from the MacBooks the company has released to date. Because the company is developing a laptop with an Apple Silicon processor, which is its own production for the first time. Cook’s remarks bring straight to mind this laptop. Some information that has already emerged recently revealed that this laptop is approaching.

It’s not just a laptop with a Silicon processor that Apple is working on. The company has been working on a product called AirTags for a while. The basic logic of this product is to prevent the loss of products such as keys or watches. According to the information obtained, AirTags will show the location of a lost or working device by giving direction information. Apple will probably announce this product in 2020.

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