Tim Cook Warns of Chip Problem!

Tim Cook warned. The product shortage, which has affected the whole world, has increased its speed, especially with the epidemic that broke out last year. As various industries around the world searched for solutions, Apple CEO Tim Cook warned of supply issues.

While many industries such as cars, smartphones, and computers struggle to meet the demand for products, Apple has been one of the companies affected by these problems. Speaking on the subject, CEO Tim Cook stated that supply problems could affect products with its own M1 chip, such as the new iPAD Pro and iMac 2021. The Tim Cook also pointed out that the famine could also threaten Apple’s profit, which was announced Wednesday, which rose 54 percent.

Apple CEO Tim Cook: “We manage the process well”

Emphasizing that it will be very difficult to predict when the shortages will end, Tim Cook emphasized that they expect to be supply-side, not demand, in a statement to analysts.

“Lacks primarily affect iPad and Mac. We handle our request well, but I don’t know what the others are doing. We will do our best, this is what I can tell you ”.

Although the chip production facilities operate at almost full capacity, they are lagging to meet the increasing demand due to high costs. Quilter Cheviot’s stock research analyst Ben Barringer told the BBC that the US-China trade war in 2018 was the root of the shortage in semiconductors that manufacturers and businesses are trying to solve.

On the other hand, other pessimistic statements about when the chip shortage will be resolved continue to come. TSMC, which provides supply for large technology companies such as Apple, Qualcomm and AMD, announced that the problem in the markets will continue in 2022, and the solution will be provided in 2023 at the earliest. Another supplier, Foxconn, made similar statements to TSMC.



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