TIM Black Família will have free Netflix, HBO GO


This Wednesday (11), TIM presented a new modality available within the TIM Black Família plan. Plan administrators will be able to choose between subscriptions to streaming video services to add to the postpaid plan, such as YouTube Premium, HBO GO and Netflix.

Aimed at generating savings in a family nucleus where everyone has numbers from the same operator, TIM Black Família shares the data franchise among all users, including them as dependent on the account administrator. Previously, the plan offered a subscription bonus on Netflix to plan subscribers; now introducing new options for consumers.

However, the additions did not result in an increase in the monthly value of the family plan. Costs remain the same, R $ 269.99 for 60 GB plans for up to three people; R $ 319.99 for 100 GB plans for up to four people and R $ 499.99 for the 180 GB plan distributed among five people.

The other bonuses of the TIM Black Family package, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter without discounting the data package, remain in the most recent plans. There is also free access to WhatsApp for up to seven days abroad (for sending messages and media) and up to 30 minutes of international roaming calls.

How to change the streaming platform on TIM Black Família?
Once updated, the Meu TIM app will make the new options available to family plan customers. The administrator must enter the application, look for options and choose which streaming video subscription will come as standard within the plan. As always, payment will be made via the operator’s invoice or credit card.

TIM added that subscriptions to streaming platforms may also be hired separately (these for an additional fee) soon; but there is still no forecast for launching these options.


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