Tim Beta will be redesigned with new categories in August


TIM’s CEO informed during a conference call to present the financial results for the second quarter that the company’s plans, in the pre, control and post segments, would be renewed with a proposal that would put aside the competition for a large offer of gigabytes.

At the time, he revealed that the prepaid lines would now have service packages that would value engagement and customer experience. And well, according to the head of Consumer Marketing at the operator, Tim Beta will be one of the first to be reformulated.

The plan, which today requires the user to be invited by those who are already members, will receive new intermediate categories and will have their membership changed, but still following the premise of the need for invitations. When “fragmenting” more the categories – today they are only Basic, Beta and Beta Lab – the tendency is that with each new step more offers are included.

Something that may leave some behind is that the operator again mentions its withdrawal from the offer of the best cost x benefit gigabytes in the market. With this, of the two, one: either the internet offer will be more expensive in relation to the volume of data offered, or the size of the franchise will be smaller than similar ones from the competition, with a price perhaps more affordable.

A novelty of this new Beta, which will be reformulated in August, includes the arrival of more services. The company comments on the successful inclusion of Babbel, a language service, at the beginning of the year, which was well received by users.

The idea is that TIM Beta remains an aggressive plan, but without competing in the cost per gigabyte. We included Babbel [app for learning languages] in February, the feedbacks were positive and we should continue on that path. ”
Other news were not advanced, but with August slamming the door, there is little left for the operator to officially release the new offers for the plan. Tim Pré Top will also receive changes, but these are an even bigger secret at the moment.


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