Tim Allen Denies Pamela Anderson’s Viral Story About How He Lit Her Up on The Set of “Home Improvement”


Actress/model Pamela Anderson has recently returned to the spotlight thanks to a screening in Chicago on Broadway, an upcoming documentary on Netflix and her new memoir, “With Love, Pamela.” And in this upcoming book, she claimed that Tim Allen showed her on the set of “Home Improvement.” Although the “Toy Story” actor came up with his own response to this accusation.

Before the release of Pamela Anderson’s book, Variety was provided with an excerpt, including when she claimed that Tim Allen showed her his genitals on the first day of filming the 90s sitcom “Home Improvement”. Throughout the run, she appeared in 23 episodes. In response to this statement, Allen released a short statement saying:

No, it never happened. I would never do that.

This statement appeared together with a Variety story, where the 69-year-old actor denied that he ever showed his genitals to Pamela Anderson on the set of “Home Improvement.” Nevertheless, this excerpt from “Love, Pamela” is already online. And I have to wonder if a longer answer is coming from Tim Allen. After all, this is a pretty serious accusation.

With love, Pamela won’t appear on bookshelves until January 31, but the allegations against Tim Allen are reportedly just one of many complicated stories she tells in the memoir. The quote about the alleged flashing incident reads as follows:

On the first day of filming, I came out of my dressing room, and Tim was in the hallway in his bathrobe. He unbuttoned his robe and quickly flashed into me — completely naked under it. He said it was fair because he had seen me naked. Now we’re even. I laughed awkwardly.

As mentioned earlier, Pamela Anderson continued to appear in a number of episodes of “Home Improvement” as Lisa, an instrumentalist girl, during the first two seasons on the air. But she eventually left the show for her starring role as C.J. Parker in The Rescuers of Malibu. As for Tim Allen, he has obviously continued to appear in various roles on television and in movies, most recently “The Last Survivor” and “Santa Claus” on Disney+.

While it remains to be seen how Tim Allen releases a more detailed statement about this allegation, this is just the latest sexual harassment claim to have emerged since the #MeToo movement began. Hollywood, in particular, has experienced seismic changes when influential figures were exposed for their inappropriate behavior. Allen has been a beloved actor for decades, so Pamela Anderson’s statements are sure to attract the attention of many.

After the release of “Pam and Tommy” on Hulu, Pamela Anderson’s upcoming documentary and accompanying memoir from Netflix will apparently allow her to finally tell her own story. And, according to her, this included an unpleasant experience with Tim Allen at the beginning of their working relationship.

Both “Love, Pamela” and the Netflix documentary “Pamela, a Love Story” will be released on January 31. In the meantime, check out the list of mid-season premieres to plan your next binge.


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