TikTok’s Move Against State-Supported Russian Media: Users Will Be Alerted


The investments of social media platforms towards Russia, which occupied Ukraine, continue without slowing down. Now, TikTok has announced that it will be warned about content belonging to state-sponsored Russian media on its platform.

After Russia declared war on Ukraine, many technology giants announced that they would impose sanctions on Russia and the Russian media. Social media platforms were also among the companies that made moves towards Russia. As we have conveyed to you, Twitter added a warning to the posts of these media organizations in order to prevent false information by making decisions regarding the Russian media. In addition, Spotify also blocked state-sponsored media content. In addition, similar decisions were made from other channels such as Facebook and YouTube.

After these news, we shared with you that Russia has also taken a step towards social media. In the statements made, Russia, which was exposed to many sanctions; It was stated that the country decided to block Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and a few more platforms. Now, a statement came from another giant social media platform due to the war.

TikTok will tag Russian media content

TikTok, the world’s most popular social media platform, announced that it made new decisions in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. According to an official blog post shared by the company on Friday, users on TikTok will now be warned if the video they watch has been published by state-sponsored Russian media outlets.

Let’s say that TikTok’s decision to tag such videos has been on the agenda before. In the statements made last year, news emerged that the company was working on a feature to tag state-sponsored media outlets. New statements also showed that this feature will be used in the light of the Russia-Ukraine war.

Stating that it wants to detect live broadcasts containing misleading content and take action on these situations in order to prevent false information, the company noted that now there will be tags under the videos stating that the content is state-supported. In addition, saying that he consulted more than 50 experts from 20 countries, TikTok used the term “state-sponsored media” as “a government; He added that he defines them as ‘organizations that exercise direct or indirect control over the contents and decision-making’.