TikTok’s Monthly Views Reaching Terrible Dimensions


Ole Obermann, Head of TikTok’s Global Music Unit, announced that the app’s monthly video views reached trillions. Explaining the reason for providing this number, Obermann stated that the application is a free and democratic place.

Ole Obermann, Head of TikTok Global Music Unit, evaluated TikTok’s performance in his statements today. Stating that they have done a very good job for a digital platform, Obermann stated that the number of monthly content views reached trillions. Explaining how this success was achieved, Obermann said that TikTok’s democratic structure was welcomed by users.

Obermann states that a user can create a beautiful composition even in his bedroom and share this composition on TikTok. Stating that the posts reached 100 million views within a few days, Obermann underlines that this is a unique aspect of TikTok. According to Obermann, the developer team will continue to do their best to keep the app that way.

Obermann’s statements about TikTok weren’t just about view count. Stating that they will continue their efforts to reach more users in Asia, Obermann stated that they are preparing to invest billions of dollars in Singapore as well. Of course, this investment is not the only reason to reach more users. The company is determined to invest in Singapore due to India and the possible US ban.

In the meantime, Obermann was expected to make a statement about the developments in the USA, but such a situation did not happen. Obermann did not make any statements regarding neither Microsoft nor Oracle. However, in a news we shared with you in the morning, we mentioned that ByteDance stopped selling TikTok’s US operations to Microsoft, and instead, there is a possibility of collaborating with Oracle. There is no information yet on why Obermann did not address this issue.

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