TikTok’s Megan Fox Lookalike Shows What It’s Like To Work with Male Military Colleagues


A Megan Fox lookalike from TikTok has gone viral for revealing what it’s like to work with her male colleagues in the military.

TikTok has a bunch and a bunch of creators who have taken the platform by storm, but none of them arouses as much curiosity as those who shockingly resemble some celebrities.

In particular, Scarlett Johansson and Margot Robbie lookalikes became popular on TikTok last year because of their uncanny resemblance to actresses, especially after they donned some costumes to look like their comic book counterparts.

Now another celebrity lookalike is taking over the app — and she’s being called “Megan Fox” TikTok.

TikToker “kkbuergs” bears a striking resemblance to Megan Fox and has amassed more than 268,000 subscribers on the platform, as well as more than 4.5 million likes.

However, it’s not just her resemblance to Megan Fox that draws attention to her content. Instead, she made several videos about her experience in the army as a woman.

TikTok’s Megan Fox Went Viral For Sharing Military Life

Last year, TikToker uploaded a video mocking her colleagues, showing her walking to the barracks to a chorus of people singing “Here comes the devil.” — At least a barrack rabbit, right? — she signed the clip.


Barracks bunny though right??? #YerAWizard #k18hairflip #StepandFlex #FritoLayRickRoll

♬ original sound – pippa and beatrice <3

Earlier this year, she posted another clip in which she lip-syncs with an audio recording of a woman trying to speak before being yelled at and scolded by men, captioning the video: “What it’s like to be a woman in a male-dominated career. It couldn’t have been any other way.”


Wouldn’t have it any other way 🤪 #k18hairflip #YerAWizard #EveryKiss #military

♬ Guy friends – chloe walker


By now, both videos have gained millions of views each, which sparked a discussion in the comments section about what it’s like to be a woman in a male-dominated field.

“Just so all the girls know: if the boys do this to you, you are officially part of their group of friends, which is very difficult to do,” one user wrote.

“That’s how guys show love,” said another.

Another one asked: “When did Megan Fox join the army?” which prompted a humorous response from “kkbuergs”, who replied: “The money for transformers has run out.”

This is just the latest celebrity lookalike to go viral after Logan Paul invited his own lookalike, famous in TikTok, to an episode of his IMPAULSIVE podcast.


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