TikTok’s 100-day CEO Kevin Mayer resigns


Kevin Mayer, who started as the CEO of TikTok only 100 days ago, resigned from his position at the company today. The reason for Mayer’s resignation was the political pressures the company has been subjected to in recent weeks.

The turbulent process of TikTok, which has become one of the largest social media platforms in the world in a short time, does not end. Kevin Mayer, who we reported that he left his job at Disney and started to work as the CEO of TikTok last May, resigned from his position in the Chinese company only 3 months later.

“I have deep thoughts about the institutional and structural changes required by the sharp change in the political environment in recent weeks and what they mean for the global role I have signed,” says Mayer, in an internal letter shared by the Financial Times. “I wanted to inform all of you that I have decided to leave the company because we hope to reach a solution very soon.” used the expressions.

“We respect Kevin’s decision”

Speaking about Mayer’s departure as TikTok CEO, a TikTok spokesperson said, “We acknowledge that the political dynamics over the past few months have significantly changed the scope of Kevin’s forward role, and we respect his decision. We thank him for his time at the company. ” He spoke in the form.

As you know, the relationship between China and the US government is not very good, and TikTok is the last company to fall victim to tensions between the two governments. US President Trump accused TikTok of posing a national security threat, while TikTok’s US operations were acquired by US companies; otherwise, it even signed a decision to ban the practice in the USA.

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Vanessa Pappas will temporarily sit on the seat vacated by Mayer in TikTok. The decision signed by Trump gives the company until mid-November for TikTok to sell its US operations or withdraw from the country. In this process, the biggest candidates to buy TikTok’s US operations appear to be Microsoft and Oracle.


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