TikTokers Turn Jeffrey Dahmer’s Polaroids into a New Disturbing Challenge


A new disturbing TikTok trend has emerged when users of the platform react to real polaroid photos of victims of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

Jeffrey Dahmer has become a hot topic on the Internet thanks to the new Netflix series “Dahmer”, which tells about the life of one of the most famous serial killers of the United States.

One of the key components of the show is the polaroid photos that Dahmer took with his victims. Police found the photos in a drawer in Dahmer’s bedroom back in 1991.

Now TikToker users have started looking for polaroid photos to post their reactions, causing others to criticize them for participating in such a creepy trend.

TikToker users criticized Jeffrey Dahmer’s trend
While TikTok deleted some videos for being too graphic, others went viral by posting their reactions to the photos.

“TikTok deleted an unedited video with 130,000 views,” one video with blurry images was captioned.

“Polaroids are very difficult to show here,” said another in the video, which has been viewed more than 1.4 million times.

On Twitter, fans disagreed with how some TikTokers are participating in this trend. “I do not know why people brag about not feeling bad after watching a Jeffrey Dahmer movie or watching real polaroids,” someone wrote. — Like, you should feel bad?

It’s not clear why people brag about not feeling bad after watching a Jeffrey Dahmer movie or real polaroids. how should you feel sick? are these real people with real families? be quirky about something else ”

— Kira☽ (@kieradj_) September 27, 2022
Others echoed the view that the victims are real people, not the characters of the Netflix show.

In any case, it looks like TikTok is removing some clips, but only those that contain very graphic content. Reactions, however, are very good for views, so it’s easy to see why some creators benefit from the trend despite its subject matter.

This isn’t the first time TikTokers have been in hot water because of Dahmer. In September, fan versions of the show appeared on the network, which caused a strong reaction from users on the platform.


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