Tiktoker’s Mom is furious Because Her Daughter Accidentally Shared Her Photo to Only Fans on Facebook


Tiktoker’s mom was furious after seeing a photo of Only Fans that her daughter accidentally posted on Facebook.

Content creator Morag went viral on TikTok after she recorded and shared her mom’s reaction to her lewd photo intended for OnlyFans.

The 32-year-old girl mistakenly posted the photo on Facebook, and it was quickly seen by her family and friends. After this appeared in her mom’s feed, her unimpressed parent’s profanity soon followed.

“How long have you been doing this fucking topless thing?” she asked her daughter, who initially behaved ignorantly. “You know what I mean, I’m not stupid,” her mom said in a recorded conversation.

TikToker then giggled when her mom cursed her and questioned her actions. Morag also tried to say that she is not topless because her hand is on her chest, to which her mom cheerfully replied: “Until they pay you to take your damn hand off.”



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Morag, who previously appeared on the reality shows Married at First Sight and Take Me Out, then explained to her that she had been using OnlyFans for “a month or two.”

Her mother, who seemed to have known nothing about it before, remained indifferent, continuing to rant off-screen.

TikTok’s video quickly went viral, gaining over 275,000 views, as users were hysterical over Mom Morag’s reaction to her racy photo.

“Mom, calm down, I’m paying for your rent,” one user joked. “Show her the bank statement and she’ll do it too,” another joked.

“Mom is your best friend, after that she will say, ‘So when we go for luxury shopping,'” wrote a third.

“Until they pay you to take your damn hand away,” she’s more mad at them,” someone added with a laughing emoji.


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