TikToker Went Viral After Giving Girlfriend’s Sick Goldfish a Life Jacket


TikToker went viral after he made a customized life jacket for his girlfriend’s 23-year-old goldfish to help her get back to swimming.

Since TikTok has gone beyond just a platform for creative people and artists to showcase their skills and work, it now covers almost every corner of the internet.

Naturally, this includes techniques, tips and life hacks that can help people in different situations — some of the best ones relate to how to buy takeaway food cheaper, get several popsicles from one and simplify cooking a little.

Although in the case of Aidan Kramer, he had another life hack for his girlfriend’s goldfish, which was struggling to swim. Therefore, he designed an individual life jacket.

TikToker Life Jacket for Goldfish Goes Viral As Users Like It

That’s right, Aidan has gone viral on TikTok, his video has gained over 6 million views since being uploaded on March 12.

In a short clip, TikToker showed how Sally, a 23-year-old goldfish, found it hard to swim, so he connected a piece of rope and a cork to make a life jacket. As a result, the goldfish returned to normal swimming.

The clip attracted attention, and the audience liked how it ended. “I love that you did this for her,” one of them said. “It’s a fish float!” added another.


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Some suggested that TikToker could have fed him peas to help, but he responded to this in a follow—up video by saying that they had already tried it and it didn’t work – although it usually works. So he had to get a little more creative.

The goldfish is on its feet again– or should it be fins? – and back to his normal tank after the spell in the storage tank to be taken care of.


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