TikToker Was Attacked, He Was Diagnosed With a Brain Tumor, and He Was Hit by a Car on The Way to The Hospital


TikToker and actress Ally McLaren had several unfortunate moments: they were attacked, they were diagnosed with a jaw fracture and a brain tumor, and most recently she was hit by a car.

With over a billion TikTok users, some of the most viral videos feature wild stories from creators from all over the world.

Ally McLaren recently found out by uploading a video in January detailing what she’s been through over the past few years.

Starting with the attack of a homeless man in Los Angeles and ending with the fact that she was hit by a car, her story has gained almost two million views in a few weeks.

The “unlucky” TikToker tells what she had to go through Allie, who moved to Los Angeles from Australia to become an actress more than a decade ago, shared her story in a video on TikTok, explaining that she “can’t take a break.”

“I happened to be walking through Los Angeles back to work, and I was punched in the face by a homeless man, [who] broke my jaw, and then I had to have surgery on my jaw to fix it,” she explained.

“My immune system was very weak, and eventually I caught an infection and pneumonia. When I had pneumonia, I had a very slight dizziness, I fell and hit my head, [which] led to a brain injury.”


Also i randomly got stuck in canada for 9 months during COVID lol #toxic #foryou #fyp #bestie

♬ original sound – Alli McLaren


Allie then reported that a brain injury led to them finding a tumor in her brain, and she was prescribed radiation therapy to completely remove it.

“And then the other day, when I was going to the hospital for radiation therapy, I was in front of the hospital when I was hit by a car.”

Fans quickly flooded comments in support of the creator and shared their thoughts about the situation. She seems to be recovering well from the latest accident, continuing to upload videos almost daily.

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