TikToker Sparks Backlash After Swapping Girlfriend’s Decaf


TikToker caused a backlash after uploading a video in which he replaced his girlfriend’s decaf tea with caffeinated tea, which immediately angered her in the process.

With the growing popularity of energy drinks and coffee shops, caffeine has become one of the most popular ways to get through the day.

However, there are many people all over the world who are sensitive to it, as it makes them feel bad or keeps them from sleeping longer than they should be.

So when TikToker uploaded a video in which he replaced his girlfriend’s decaf tea with his own caffeinated drink, it quickly caused a backlash.


TikToker caused a negative reaction after exchanging tea with a girl

Bobby, who is named TikkyTokkyBob in the application, uploaded his video in early September, but only recently it began to cause a stir among viewers.

In it, Bobby gives his girlfriend caffeinated tea instead of the decaf she requested, quickly angering her as she mentions she won’t be able to sleep.

His reaction to her anger caused a violent reaction from the audience.

Bobby turned off comments on his video, but that didn’t stop people from sharing their thoughts on other, more recent videos of him.

“It’s such a mess because the caffeine in the body can’t just be ignored,” one user commented.

The other replied: “I hope she understands that she deserves better.”

“It’s strange to see an adult man acting like a 10-year—old bully,” said a third user.

At the time of writing, Bobby has not yet responded to the negative reaction, but we will definitely let you know if he does.


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