TikToker shows “shocking” behavior of hotel staff on hidden cameras


Content creator Arturo Brunello said he was on vacation in Cancun, Mexico, when he caught a hotel maid on camera.

He used iSentry, an application that turns a computer’s webcam into a security system with a motion sensor, to monitor his hotel room.

“Here you can see the service staff pouring themselves a beer from our refrigerator,” Arturo said when the employee was seen drinking beer from the mini—refrigerator, which will be paid for by the guest.

At some point, an employee opened the safe in the room and looked inside.

— Why are you going through our drawers? TikToker asked when the employee was looking through the layers of clothing.

— My bags? added his voice-over. A hotel employee was seen opening Arturo’s backpack and rummaging inside.

“Just be careful when you travel,” he warned viewers. “It was the first time I installed a camera… it bothers me.”

TikTok users are outraged by the behavior of the hotel staff


Our vacation got weird. I won’t be naming the hotel because they handled this situation very well. Just be careful out there and use technology to your advantage. I’m honestly surprised he didn’t see the green light on my webcam. Next time, I will be blacking it out. Again the app is called iSentry. There are others in the app store but this one was able to send me email notifications when it detected motion. 10/10 would recommend. #mexico #resort #cancun #traveltiktok #traveltips #travelhack #catchapredator #caughtoncamera #messedup #busted

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Arturo’s video went viral, gaining more than 3.2 million views, as TikTok users were outraged by the behavior of a hotel employee.

“What the hell!!!! Therefore, I always take a minimum with me, no jewelry and everything that is expensive is in my purse with me,” another shared. “I’m in shock. This is literally my biggest fear when I stay in hotels abroad,” added a third.

“That’s why I always put up a Do not disturb sign. I’m cleaning up after myself,” someone else commented.

One user was curious to know what kind of compensation it was, to which Arturo replied: “Refund and preferential treatment”.

Arturo also said that the employee did not steal anything except beer. He reported the incident to the hotel management, who “took very good care” of him and immediately fired the employee.


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