TikToker Shocks Viewers With a Crazy Ho-Oh Pokemon Shirt With a Tai-Dai Print


One TikToker stunned Pokemon fans with an incredibly complex painted shirt featuring Ho-O, the legendary bird from the golden version.

There are many TikTokers who specialize in quite niche content that has achieved huge success on the platform.

Thanks to their skill or the elements they mix in their projects, these TikTok creators end up reaching quite a wide audience.

This is the case with one TikToker that went viral after creating an insanely impressive shirt featuring the legendary Ho-Oh bird from Pokemon Gold & Silver.

TikToker showed off an incredible shirt with a Pokemon print. TikToker’s
Disengoodwibs, also known as Austin Mckeret, went viral after publishing an extremely complex tie coloring project involving Pokemon.

The project featured a full-length T-shirt dedicated to the Ho-O from Generation 2, releasing a bright rainbow ray from its beak.

The complex process, which Mckeret called a “honeycomb beam,” was a “compressed image design” that apparently took more than 16 hours and several sessions to complete.

During the first part of the coloring process, TikToker outlined the basic Ho-Oh design and filled it with basic colors, which took about “nine and a half hours of tying and coloring.”


Honeycomb Beam #handmade #artprocess #tiedye #fyp

♬ original sound – Dye art by Austin Mackereth


The paint artist then shows a T-shirt intricately wrapped with threads and a plastic coating to color certain parts of the shirt. This next part of the project was part of a separate session and took another seven hours.

However, the finished project is simply stunning, with bright rainbow colors beautifully framing the Ho-Oh.

Viewers also seemed to be fascinated by the T-shirt, as TikTok quickly racked up over 1 million views and over 201,700 likes.

The full profile of the Layout features designs that include other pop culture media such as “Rick and Morty”, “Dragon Pearl Z” and “Futurama”. In addition, the artist also made several more Pokemon-themed shirts. Those who want to see more stylish creations should definitely subscribe to Dyesngoodvibes.


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