TikToker Shocks Viewers after Sleeping with Her Father’s Best Man at a wedding


TikToker Stella Barey has gone viral after revealing that she slept with her father’s best man on his wedding night.

The 23-year-old content creator and OnlyFans model shocked viewers on TikTok by sharing how she slept with her father’s best man on his wedding night, despite the fact that he had a family “at home.”

Stella said she met her father’s friend for the first time, who flew in from Sweden to be his best man at his wedding.

TikToker made friends with Dad’s friend at the wedding

In the viral video, which racked up more than two million views before being deleted, she described it as a “smoke show” and said she liked it right away, but she never thought the feeling would be mutual.

“My dad has a wedding with his current wife in Montana, so I flew there with my best friend,” she explained. “I knew my dad’s best man was Swedish, but I didn’t know he was so hot.”

“During the wedding, I’m sitting in the front row, and he’s the groom, so he’s standing right in front of me. We keep looking into each other’s eyes, and I feel such tension between us because he’s so attractive. I just kept writing it off,” she continued.

“I thought, why did he do this to my father at his wedding? Why would he even be in me? He runs a hedge fund, I just graduated. But let’s move on to the after party, where everything became serious.”

Then Stella said that during the reception she was invited back to his Airbnb. Later that night, she slept with her father’s best friend while her best friend was sleeping next to her.

“I wake up the next morning next to Dad’s best man and my friend. Obviously, that night we were doing something, and my girlfriend was sleeping next to me,” she admitted.

After the wedding, Stella returned to Los Angeles, and the best man eventually returned to Sweden. She said they eventually exchanged a few text messages, but broke up.

“He had a whole family in Sweden, I think they were separated, but still,” she said. “As far as I know, my father never found out. I never told him and I’m pretty sure his friend never told him because they’re still friends.”


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