TikToker Shocked Viewers by Discovering Snake Skin in a Toddler’s Bedroom


TikToker went viral after uploading a video showing her discovering a snake skin while cleaning her toddler’s bedroom, despite not having a snake as a pet.

All over the world, you will find that different families often have completely different types of pets.

While the most popular, of course, are cats and dogs, many people prefer to keep smaller animals in a cage, such as gerbils, hamsters, lizards and even snakes.

TikToker Emily Selly and her family do not keep a snake as a pet, so she was surprised when she discovered a snake skin while cleaning her baby’s bedroom.

TikToker found snake skin in toddler’s bedroom

Emily’s video, uploaded on October 13, has been viewed more than a million times and received almost two thousand comments from interested users.

The download shows her toddler’s room when she shows a snake skin lying under one of his toys.

“Send help,” she said in text on the screen.

Emily captioned the video: “Sorry for the mess, I’m replenishing his closets and packing clothes that don’t fit him and bumping into this bad boy!.. Send help!!”


excuse the mess as I’m re stocking his cupboards and bagging up clothes that don’t fit and come across this bad boy!.. send help!! #snakeskin #snake #fyp #foryourpage #sendhelp #ohlordy

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Almost everyone in the comments was also concerned, and some offered their ideas on how he could get into the house.

“Do you have a pet cat that could have brought her from the garden?” one user asked.

Another user replied: “I would cry if I didn’t have a snake and I found it in my son’s room.”

“I would pack my bags and leave forever. There is no snake in my house,” the third replied.


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