TikToker Says an Upstairs Neighbor Almost Shot Him After “Accidentally” Firing a Gun


TikToker went viral after uploading a video claiming that his upstairs neighbor almost shot himself after they “accidentally” fired a gun into his apartment.

No matter which floor of an apartment building you live on, there is always a chance that your neighbor will do something that will directly affect your living space.

TikToker FyreOG discovered this in a horrifying way when he shared a viral video claiming that his upstairs neighbor almost shot him after “accidentally” firing a gun into his apartment.

Within a day of downloading the video of the Fire, as well as its subsequent actions, were viewed a total of almost 10 million times.

TikToker Says a Neighbor Almost Shot Him After “Accidentally” Firing a Gun

At the beginning of the video, Fire is walking towards his computer setup when he moves on to a hole in the ceiling and what looks like a used bullet lying on the carpet.

“Oh, damn it, God, I almost died. They just accidentally fired a gun, and I was sitting right here,” he said.


♬ original sound – FyreOG

About 9,000 users shared their opinions about the situation in the comments.

“No kidding, my friend’s brother died like this in an apartment building. Call the police,” one of the users replied.

Another user said: “Call the police. get a report and then call the landlord, either they kick them out or they let you go with a letter of recommendation.”

In the second video, FyreOG showed police near his apartment building. He also left a comment saying that all three of his neighbors were charged with three firearms, which could lead to jail time.


Replying to @kamarique

♬ original sound – FyreOG


In the third video, Fire said that his neighbors were immediately evicted and he would be moving out of his apartment.

That’s all TikToker has shared with us so far, so it’s unknown if he will hire a lawyer or something like that at the time of writing.


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