TikToker, Known As Operation Hangover, Dies, Family Confirms


TikToker, known as Operation Hangover, has passed away, this was confirmed by his sister, who took over his account after his death.

Operation Hangover became famous on TikTok in 2022, although his videos often feature him consuming large amounts of alcohol.

TikToker, real name David, has amassed more than 10,000 subscribers on the social media app and was known for hosting live broadcasts with many viewers where he communicated with his audience.

On December 27, Operation Hangover’s sister uploaded a video to her account confirming that David had died.


https://gofund.me/96986cbf Carla isn’t ready to open TikTok and idk what I’m doing

♬ original sound – Carlagington and Dave


David’s last video was uploaded a week before his death, and his account hasn’t uploaded a video since.

Fans in the comments section of Operation Hangover mourned the figure on social media. One fan said, “Dave was a great guy. He was always teasing me. He made a great impression and had a huge heart. He’s calm now.”

In a subsequent TikTok, his sister called and stated that the family was still “trying to figure it out” and that his wife Carla was not yet ready to talk about David’s death on the Internet.

Carla often appeared in the video next to David when he drank various beers and liqueurs.

David’s sister posted David’s page on GoFundMe, where the funds will be used to pay for his funeral. In the video she said: “I’m doing a GoFundMe because the people who helped kill my brother, who financed my brother’s suicide, can also pay for his funeral.”


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