TikToker Kat Clark Apologizes for “Deaf” Travel Video


Australian TikToker Kat Clark has apologized after fans disagreed with her blog, which details her trip to New York, and some commentators called it “deaf.”

Kat Clark is a relatively popular TikToker from Australia, who has more than 3 million subscribers in a viral video application. Clark often chronicles his travels with his family for his viewers, with their last vacation taking place in New York.

In a short video blog, Clark and his family stayed at the former residence of the late rapper Biggie Small in Brooklyn and wanted to get a real New York experience… but not everyone was impressed with how they handled their trip.

During their stay, Clark, in particular, filmed a community of Hasidic Jews walking down the street and asked: “Why are so many people wearing these wigs?” Apparently, this refers to the strimmels, hats that are traditionally worn by Hasidic Jewish men.


Day 1 New York! We’re staying where The Notorious BIG used to live!! #brooklyn #newyork #travel #family

♬ original sound – Kat Clark


On top of that, many viewers expressed disdain for the way Clark described the “Big Apple.”

TikToker has been criticized for “offensive” comments during a trip to New York
“Few tourists would choose this place, but we want to see the real New York,” Clarke said in her video, using footage of food spilled on the ground outside.

Clark also called the nearest pizzeria a “quirky little pizzeria” and pointed out that “there were two policemen at every intersection, people selling trees and other goods, hairdressers and homeless people everywhere.”

Commenters disagreed with how Clarke described the city, as well as with her question about the Jewish community she filmed in her video, calling her words “offensive” and “deaf.”

“It’s so deaf,” one user wrote.

“People are not a sideshow,” said another.

“Imagine someone just dismissing your religion like you just did,” another pointed out. “You can hurt someone’s feelings. It’s not hard to ask.”

TikToker Apologizes to Jewish Community for “Deaf” Travel Video

Clarke has since posted an apology video in response to the backlash on her travel blog, saying she received numerous negative comments only after she left town to return to Australia, including one that allegedly said, “If I ever see you walking around on the streets of New York, Imma kicked your ass like your ex.”

“I’m here to tell you that I’ve never seen Streimel before,” Clarke explained. “I’ve lived in Australia all my life. …I’ve never seen anyone walking the streets with a Streimel before.

“First of all, I want to apologize to everyone who was offended by my question,” she continued. “That wasn’t my intention. I just made an observation and I really didn’t know what it was.”


♬ original sound – Kat Clark

The comments under Clarke’s apology video are relatively positive, with many claiming they had never seen Streimel before her blog about traveling around New York.

Since then, Clarke has continued to upload other videos about her time in New York with her family, and they have all been relatively well received by fans.


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