Tiktoker Joey Trunk Goes Viral For Defending a Man In the Gym Amid Arguments With Streamer Jessica49


The latest post of fitness ticker Joey Swall has gone viral due to the fact that he defended a man in a scandalous video from the gym, which was shared by streamer Jessica49.

TikTok fitness trainer Joey Swall is well known in the TikTok fitness community for his work to combat the “toxic” gym culture. He creates various educational content for the gym on TikTok, and also responds to viral TikToks of people in the gym that raise doubts.

Most recently, Swall responded to Twitch streamer Jessica49’s TikTok and went viral shortly after. In the video, Swall defended the man’s actions when he tried to help Jessica in the gym, which she found extremely unpleasant.

Initially, TikTok showed Jessica 49 at the gym, where she expressed discomfort after a man looked at her, calling him a “stupid fucking piece of shit.”

She then expressed extreme discomfort after a man approached her and asked if she needed help, covering the TikTok screen with text such as “what if I just rip his pp out of the nest so he can never reproduce again” and “natural selection”. better get these weirdos out of here.”

Swall refuted Jessica’s arguments by talking about his personal experience as a veteran weightlifter.

“If you watch the video, he will see that you are having a hard time putting the plates on the other side. Now any experienced lifter knows that when you have a barbell on the ground… pancakes are very difficult to put… He sees that you are struggling, he, as an experienced elevator operator, comes up and tries to help you, because that’s what kind people do. ”


On my birthday today, a day I almost didn’t have, I just want to say to all of you, THANK YOU and I love you.

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Swall then condemned Jessica’s comments about the man.

“It’s sad to see that you showed kindness, this man did something for you, was kind, and turned him into a scumbag in the gym. Talk about how you want to tear off its reproductive organ so that it cannot reproduce, and that natural selection must destroy it. Really?

“I’m trying to make myself look like a victim. Which you are not. There are women who are harassed in gyms, you are not one of them. You need to get better.”

Joey’s video has gained over 49 million views on Twitter, and most of the comments seem to agree with his point of view on this issue.


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