TikToker Goes Viral Showing Father’s Hilarious Attempt to Get Tickets for Taylor Swift


TikToker went viral after sharing her father’s hilarious and desperate attempt to earn Taylor Swift tickets for his daughter.

When the pre-sale of Taylor Swift’s latest Eras tour began, millions of fans were on Ticketmaster’s website ready to purchase tickets.

Unfortunately, just a few minutes after the tickets went on sale, the website crashed and went offline, destroying the hopes and dreams of swiftists across the country.

However, one upset father decided to take matters into his own hands and wrote a direct message to the Anti-Hero singer.

In a viral TikTok, Liv (chickenwangkween) filmed her father sending messages to Taylor’s official Instagram account. “No panic, my dad started us all with tickets,” she sarcastically wrote under the video.

The father, who was clearly tired of his daughter’s complaints, typed: “Hi, you have tickets for my daughter, she behaves like a spoiled bitch and asks me for my Amex all the time.”

“Please help a poor man from New Jersey. God bless you, TT,” he wrote before clicking the “Send” button.

“The problem is solved, God bless you,” Liv signed the video, which has gained a whopping 15.6 million views.

TikTok users in the comments were hysterical because of Dad’s efforts to get tickets.

“So all our fathers are equally blind at this stage, and it’s useful to know,” one of them joked.

“The way he started reading the text at the end,” another added.

“Me, when my mom asked why I didn’t just tell Billy Irish to send me concert tickets or send me merch, because I was poor,” a third shared.

“Determining what happens if you just call Taylor,” someone else added, referring to when Kris Jenner advised her daughter to call the singer to resolve the conflict.

Others noted Taylor Swift’s official account, asking her to help Liv’s father. TikToker has not received tickets yet.


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