TikToker Films Woman Roasting Him For Bringing Her to Applebee’s On First Date


TikToker went viral after he filmed a conversation with his girlfriend in which a woman fried him for taking her to Applebee’s.

In the one—minute TikTok clip, a woman can be heard asking a man how much money he earns, pointing out that taking her to “cheap restaurants” is a violation of the terms of the deal.

“What’s your salary?” she asked him at the beginning of the video. “I don’t want to seem interested in money and stuff, but I just want to come out from the beginning and tell you that I’m not a gold digger or anything like that, but I just don’t go out. with beggar boys.”

The content creator told her he was making enough money. She continued, “I know you just took me to Applebee’s. I understand, maybe you don’t want to take me to the most fashionable place, for example, on a first date, but you will never take me again. Applebee’s is unacceptable… I’m high-class.”

“And if I’m going to date, it’s not to waste time, so I’m not going to go out and go to cheap restaurants,” she said before the video was turned off.

“Are women such savages these days??” TikToker asked in a text superimposed on the video, which has racked up more than 5 million views.

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I should of just stayed with my babymomma lol #FlexEveryAngle #fypシ #parati

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TikTok Reacted To a Woman Shaming a Date For Bringing Her to Applebee’s
Most users in the comments sided with TikToker, urging him to completely avoid women.

“On the next date, she can stay at home, and you’re dating another girl,” one of them wrote, gaining more than 70,000 likes under his comment.

“I would ask her how much she earns. If less than 60 thousand, tell her that you are not trying to waste time in vain, and leave,” another added.

“Just tell her you’re not earning enough and let her go, you’re better off,” a third shared.

In a subsequent video, the content creator shared texts he received from the woman in question, in which she tells him that she has seen his video and “doubts” that they will have a second date.

She told him he was “[not] a gentleman” and stated that posting the video was “unfortunate.” In response, he jokingly stated that the posting of the video was an “accident.”

“It’s not my fault that all these broke guys are angry in the comments… and those girls who are happy with a $5 burger,” she replied.


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