TikToker Claims Doordash Driver Stole Food Because She Doesn’t Like Ketchup


TikToker went viral after uploading a video claiming her DoorDash driver stole her drink and kicked her food through the steps because she asked for ketchup with her order.

When it comes to DoorDash, Uber Eats, and other similar delivery apps, it’s impossible to say which person will handle your food.

TikToker giannaspovss recently found out what happens when a delivery service driver disagrees with her choice of seasoning for her order.

In a recent viral video, Gianna shows texts and camera footage of what DoorDasher said and did after she asked for ketchup when the sauce she ordered was out of stock.

TikToker Claims That DoorDash Stole Her Order

With more than a million views and more than four thousand comments, it becomes clear that the audience is delighted with the script. In the video, Gianna shows text messages between her and her dasher.

The conversation begins with the driver telling TikToker that the sauce she ordered is out of stock. When Gianna replied that she would like ketchup, the driver immediately shared his thoughts about tomato seasoning.

“Ugh, you disgusting s**k,” Dauntless said, before Gianna responded with a laughing smiley face.

“You’re laughing at weird taste buds that have a bitch,” Dauntless replied again.

“Let me just show you the video because it gets on my nerves because, like, what did I do to this poor stranger?” said Gianna.

She then went on to record her camera showing the girl putting food on the steps, and then kicked the bag and ran off with her drink.

Users quickly moved on to the comments to share their thoughts.

“It looks like you chose ketchup, and she chose violence,” one of them said.

Another user replied: “The sad thing is that nothing will be done to her in this situation.”

DoorDash contacted Gianna in her first video showing the results of the strike, but TikToker has not yet shared any updates regarding the situation.


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