TikToker Calls Firefighters to rescue Mom stuck under Sofa


TikToker went viral after calling firefighters to rescue her mom who was stuck under the sofa for three hours.

The content creator’s mother Claire, along with her partner, was moving the sofa to the basement when he suddenly got stuck on the stairs.

When TikToker came home, she found her mom stuck on the wrong side of the couch and tried to help her free herself before eventually giving up.

The viral video, which has gained more than 13 million views, shows how the couch covers the entrance to the basement, and the mother’s hand sticks out of the tiny gap between it and the stairwell.

The mother was stuck in the basement for almost three hours while her daughter and partner tried to knock the railing out of the wall in the hope of freeing her. Claire’s dad even made a hole in the wall, trying to drag the couch into the basement, but to no avail.

A family from Columbus, Ohio, USA, had no choice but to call the fire department as a last resort.

Firefighters successfully freed the stuck woman, as they managed to tear the handrails from the wall by climbing through the hole.

“I thought it was fun,” TikToker said. “My parents didn’t think it was funny. My dad was furious about the damage, and my mom thought she’d never get out.

“When the fire brigade arrived, I was really trying to get into the situation because I have a twin sister and I wanted to film this for her.”

Speaking about the minor damage, Claire said: “I don’t think repairs should be expensive. After that, my mom thought it was really funny. We laughed about it afterwards.”

In TikTok, users flooded the comments section with links to the famous episode of “Friends”, in which the characters cannot move the sofa.

“911, we didn’t turn around,” one of them wrote. “Spin! spin! Turn!, actually she did, not turned,” commented another, referring to the iconic scene from the sitcom.


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