TikToker Apologizes to Clayton Richard and Susie Evans After Doubling Down on Fraud Charges: Everything We Know


It didn’t take long for Clayton Echard and Susie Evans to get over their first post-bachelor scandal. The season 26 couple fired back after a woman named Sasha Narang said she dated a former bachelor over the weekend.

TikToker turned to the app on Saturday, April 9 to claim that she spent the night with a 28-year-old Missouri native on Friday, April 8. Echard subsequently provided evidence via his iPhone that he was at Mountainside Fitness in Arizona at the time of the alleged affair.

“I can’t even believe I’m talking about this, it’s ridiculous, but let’s make it as simple as possible,” he said on Instagram Stories.

Echard added in the caption: “The people who make these false accusations should be brought to justice. Trying to gain influence by destroying relationships is shameful and extremely immature.”

Initially, Narang doubled down, saying she had “proof” that she was with Ehard. Since then, she has viewed “camera footage”—apparently from an apartment building-and admitted that she was with someone who pretended to be an ABC star.

“This guy really convinced me that he was Clayton. He introduced me as Clayton again. He told me he was filming The Bachelor. He knew his hometown, his birthday — he knew all these supernatural facts that just, obviously, at the moment when I wasn’t watching The Bachelor, knowing nothing about it, I believed him,” Narang said in a long video posted on Sunday. April 10, via TikTok. “So yeah, the guy agreed with that the whole time until I left. It’s very strange [that] someone is impersonating him in New York, so watch out for that. I’m doing my best to get more footage so that I can actually see the person’s face to hopefully find out who it is. Anyway, I really don’t know what I’m going to do about it, but no matter what, I’ve never been so confused in my life. I really thought I was with him, and I would never have made a video or any statement if I wasn’t sure, and at that moment I thought I was sure, and clearly I was wrong.”

29-year-old Echard and Evans met in the 26th season of the series “The Bachelor”, which aired earlier this year. The couple broke up after the Virginia Beach native revealed that it was a violation of the terms of the deal for her that he slept with his two other finalists, Gabby Windy and Rachel Recchia. While Echard was trying to reunite with Evans on the show after he was done with Windy and Recchia for good, the wedding videographer walked away from the final rose ceremony. However, after the show ended, they got back together, and now he plans to move to Virginia Beach.

“We will give this every chance we can. We love each other,” he said on the Us Weekly podcast “Here for the Right Reasons” after the March finale. “And at the moment we are both very, very happy. But relationships take effort. They are heavy at times. And that’s why we know that such moments are waiting for us ahead. There are never any guarantees in life, but at the same time I am incredibly happy to be with her. I’m so excited that I can just go out to dinner, go camping, do it all with her, travel.”

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“I was in a bar last night and it was a very dark room. It’s hard to see people, and this guy came up to me. We were kind of standing next to each other. He starts talking to me. He’s very attractive. So, I say, we’re kind of flirting. Then he keeps asking me: “Are you watching The Bachelor?” And I say, “No,” because I’ve never seen him before.… So, he tells me he’s just been on it,” Narang originally stated on Saturday via TikTok. “Eventually, I’ll come back with him. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. He came up to me, he was flirting with me. Why do I assume he might be engaged? …He made it clear that I couldn’t stay, and that’s fine—I wasn’t going to do that. But he said: “You have to go,” and I’m like, “Okay, man, I’m leaving.”

In the comments section of the post, Narang claimed that the person in question said his name was “Clayton.”

Clayton’s answer

In addition to immediately denying the charges by proving his whereabouts on Friday night, Echard shared a screenshot of his private messages with Narang, who claimed they had met at The Penny Farthing in New York.

“My video shows that I was in the AZ gym at 20:00 Moscow time, that is, at 23:00 Eastern Standard Time (your time). So even if I were flying directly on a private jet, I wouldn’t reach New York until 3:30 a.m. Eastern Standard time (the flight from Arizona to New York lasts 4.5 hours). So this refutes the fact that you saw me at 2 a.m. Eastern standard time,” he wrote in the message. — As I said, good luck.

Susie’s answer

After Bachelor Nation’s fan accounts started picking up on the story, Evans commented on @MorganPTalks’ post: “Lmao, I know this man loves the hell out of me. He would never. 💁 ‍ ❤️ ».