TikTok will tell users why their videos have been removed


TikTok has not provided users with information about the reason for the removal of their videos until now. The social network was content with simply stating that users were breaking community rules.

However, this situation is changing eventually. According to the statement made by TikTok, users will be informed about why their videos were removed, although it is not very comprehensive. The company will indicate which rule the removed video violated. It can be said that this is a similar policy to that of other social media platforms.

Previously, users had to file an objection to get more comprehensive information. Users will now be able to know a little more about the subject before the objection. Stating that these notifications have been tested for a few months, the company drew attention to a 14 percent reduction in objections.


TikTok published its second transparency report in July. The company stated in this report that it started keeping track of which video was removed and why. Therefore, it can be said that this change is not a surprise.

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