TikTok Will Rival Amazon With Its New App


ByteDance, the owner of world-famous popular applications TikTok and Musical.ly, is counting the days to introduce its site that will rival Amazon.


TikTok comes to the fore with news that it recruits from all over the world. The Chinese company ByteDance wants to add a new one among the brands it owns. This new company, which is expected to be introduced soon, aims to rival shopping sites such as Amazon.

Considering the leaked news about this new project, it seems that it is too early to say anything definitive. However, it is clear that the Chinese company takes this business very seriously. The clearest statement on the subject came from The Passage, which was broadcast exclusively for China a few weeks ago. It is said that the project will be completed this month and when it comes out, it will welcome us with a very similar interface to AliExpress owned by Alibaba.

What is expected from the shopping application that will work integrated with TikTok?

During the pandemic process, many brands were having trouble finding chips for their smart devices. E-commerce sites experienced a similar situation in terms of product supply. ByteDance, which wants to take advantage of this gap, wants to end its business negotiations around the world as soon as possible and enter the market.

ByteDance is committed to being the first choice for users to discover and buy good products at affordable prices. Therefore, it is preparing to compete against Amazon in terms of speed and Alibaba in terms of product diversity in the international market.

For a company that wants to sell in the international market open to competition. However, as of the day it is introduced, will it be one of the markets where they will offer sales service; Or is it a market they plan to open in the future? This situation will be finalized as a result of the statements to be made by the company in the coming days.

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