TikTok will let you add automatic subtitles to your videos


More and more users consume the series with the original audio. This is how the voices of the actors are appreciated and in the process you learn something of the source language. But sometimes, this is what makes the difference when it comes to understanding or not the content. And they have realized this on TikTok, where they will soon activate the subtitles function.

Less work for content creators

If you are a TikTok user, you will surely have come across a video in which the creators narrate what they do step by step. Sometimes it is difficult to follow them and you have to constantly stop the video to find out, especially if they tell it in a language that you do not fully understand. Luckily for many, the Chinese company is working on a new feature that will help users and creators alike.

This is a feature called automatic captions. This new feature has two functions: the first is to listen to the content creator and transcribe what they speak. The second option is that this feature will have its space at the bottom of the app, where what the content creator says will appear little by little. This is a feature that more than one person will take advantage of, as it will not only save time for content creators. There are people who have difficulty hearing and they can now read everything on the screen in real time.

To use them you must record the video before, so you do not have to worry about activating any other capacity before. Simply create your video, and then activate the function so that the program activates and listens to you. Afterwards, you will have the list of everything you have said and, best of all, you can edit the subtitles to correct the errors. On the other hand, the user is the one who has the last word. That is, once you see the video you can select if you see the subtitles or not.

A YouTube heritage

Not always the newest applications are the ones that have the ideas to differentiate themselves from the rest. This is what happened to TikTok with automatic captions, a feature that you will remember from another social network that recently added a feature like the Chinese app. We talk about YouTube with its Story Time or Shorts as they have been called in Spain and which are in beta.


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