TikTok Will Help You Find A Job With Its New Role


TikTok: Having a social network on your mobile or computer is not something difficult to find. If we talk about TikTok we will see it installed in many terminals of different users with a single purpose: entertainment. Some even find ideas such as food recipes, exercise charts or how to start a small business, but it is a fact that everything related to fun content, dances or even challenges is striking. But the company does not want to be left alone with this ‘fame’ and it seems that TikTok will have a function with which to find work.

TikTok will help you find your next job

Sometimes social networks serve to connect with many people and find professionals who help the growth of your business. The clearest example is on LinkedIn, where companies and workers move in order to increase the workforce by finding new talent. But now this function could also reach one of the newer applications such as TikTok.

As we mentioned before, it is full of the most entertaining videos, but one of the functions that may come soon is to find a job. According to Axios, this new feature is in the testing phase and it seems that some companies can choose their future candidates from here.

According to the medium, the new feature will not be integrated within the application, but a separate section. This does not make it clear if companies can see the user’s personal profile in any way, but it does make it clear that it is intended for companies to select their candidates through a short video. In it, applicants will briefly tell about their experience and what they want to achieve. It is a very followed system nowadays because people have not been booked using the typical interviews, but everything has been done remotely.


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