TikTok will force you to see personalized ads, yes or yes


Has it ever happened to you to be talking on WhatsApp or calling someone about such a thing and when you hang up you get an ad related to what you were talking about? In the field of online advertising there are two variants in terms of ads: general and personalized. The latter are advertisements that are tailored to the user’s tastes.


These personalized ads have a trick: they use your data, searches you have done, content you have consumed, brands you follow.

And it is that in many networks, platforms or websites you can choose not to receive personalized advertising based on the monitoring they do, but you cannot avoid personalization based on the activity within those sites or networks. Following this guideline, TikTok will impose on its hundreds and hundreds of millions of users the option of personalized ads within its app.

Personalized ads on TikTok

Currently, the application has an option that allows users to choose whether they want to receive advertisements based on their activity within the application. But “As of April 15, your settings will change and the ads you will see can begin to be based on what you do on TikTok,” according to a notice that is appearing to users of the app, as the medium The Verge has discovered.

In the notification you can read:

“Upcoming changes to ads. To help keep TikTok free, we partner with advertisers to show you ads. Depending on your settings, you currently see general ads that are not based on what you do on or off TikTok. As of 15 April, your settings will change and the ads you see can start to be based on what you do on TikTok. You still have control over whether the ads can be more tailored to you based on data from our advertising partners. ”

Accept the terms before April 15

TikTok notes that it is “committed” to respecting the privacy of its users. And according to a TikTok spokesperson: “We will continue to be transparent about our data privacy practices and help users understand their privacy settings in our Privacy Center. Security. “One thing you can continue to do is control whether TikTok personalizes” ads based on data taken from other apps and websites. ”

The change is probably related to the next

Apple’s release of iOS 14.5, which will require developers to get users’ permission to track their data through targeted advertising apps. Apps that don’t ask for permission will risk being suspended or removed from the App Store.

The mandatory nature of personalized ads allows TikTok to target advertising to a certain extent, as more and more people choose not to participate in cross-app tracking.


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