TikTok will continue with this company in the USA!


As you know, the US-China tension first reflected on the technology giants. The newest agenda of the technology world, which has almost become a war front, was the social media platform TikTok. The Trump administration announced that the use of TikTok across the country is undesirable for the security of the country. Stating that TikTok can only operate within the borders of the country with the nationalization step, the management was asked to transfer the TikTok operating rights of the company ByteDance, the owner of the platform, to a US company. Now it is clear with which company TikTok will continue its journey in the US market.

TikTok to advance in the US market with Oracle

Names such as Microsoft, Walmart, Twitter were mentioned for a long time during the tender and bidding processes. The Trump government wanted to involve large companies and transfer operations to a local company, even if their current field of activity was not social media.

Recently, Oracle, the company founded by Larry Ellison, known for being close to Donald Trump, was involved in the tender processes. Oracle, which came to the fore with Microsoft’s towel at the last moment, was shown as one of the reliable technology partners of the US government. The process, which is expected to end before September 20, is predicted to come into being thanks to Trump and Ellison relations.

Whether ByteDance will surrender operating rights to a company that is so close to Trump is a mystery. Until recently, the statement from the Beijing office of ByteDance was that “We would prefer to withdraw from the US market rather than a situation we do not want to occur.”

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